To this day, it is essential for every graduate to have had an initial exposure to computer science. The purpose of such a Unit of Value is to enable future learners to better understand how to create programs, in order to more easily use the computer to solve scientific, technical, or organizational problems.

The goal of this course is twofold: firstly, to acquaint the student with computer usage, and secondly, to initiate the learning of algorithms and programming.

Thus, the student will need to learn how to find a solution to a problem using an algorithmic approach and be able to program this algorithmic solution in a structured language.

This serves as an initial introduction to programming. The student learns to create algorithms and then transform them into small real-world programs.

No prior knowledge is required. This Unit of Value is aimed at computer science beginners. It is intended for students at the beginning of their core curriculum, who may pursue various branches such as mechanical engineering, processes, urban systems, mechanical systems, biological sciences, or computer science.

Khaled KECHIDA, Adel BALLOUTI and Morad BRIK