Modern legal terminology clearly includes terms that were historically established as law developed through time. It also includes terminology that eventually worked its way into Legal English as new socio-political and socio-economic relationships developed between individuals in English-speaking countries. This means that legal knowledge and expression are cumulative in character, as is so clearly reflected in modern usage.
      A widely held view of metaphor is that it is a mere figure of speech that is used mainly to achieve some artistic or rhetorical effect. The cognitive approach goes beyond verbal manifestations and stylistic considerations to include a mental component. Not only does it incorporate cognitive processing as a relevant dimension but it broadens the very scope of metaphor to less poetic and more mundane expressions such as falling in love or taking an examination. The new ministerial tendency of enhancing English language leads us to focus on linguists with research tools, allowing us to reach a deeper level of analysis and better learning.
      The main goal of the present courses is to teach English legal terminology for all branches Masters Students it contains fifteen different topics with glossary of the mail legal terms related to those topics, also with full translation to Arabic.