Multimedia has become an indispensable part of modern TIC era. The course aims at providing students with theoretical and technical understanding on multimedia components and systems. The course covers contemporary, interactive multimedia technology systems, focusing on types, applications, and theories of operation. Basic technologies such as multimedia data representation, compression, retrieval and communication will be covered in an integrated manner. On the completion of the course, students should be able to understand the fundamental concepts and make critique to the technologies associated with various Qos rules defined in the network multimedia communication.

Plan du cours

  1. History of Database Models and Management
  2. Relational Databases and SQL
  3. Relational-Object  Databases
  4. XPATH and XQuery languages
  5. Distributed Databases

Ce module permet d’acquérir les notions nécessaire pour :
-analyser et classer les problèmes de différents domaines
-construire la ou les solutions, évaluer les différentes solutions en terme de calcul de
complexité, choisir la meilleure solution.

L’objectif de ce module est de comprendre les principaux
problématiques de conception des systèmes distribués, d’analyser les solutions proposés, les
appliquer dans la conception des applications distribuées à grande échelle.