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  • The domain of entrepreneurship is complex and diverse, with business creation occupying a central, well-studied role. Examining startup creation provides insight into the essence of entrepreneurship and reveals its economic and societal impacts.

    This is why the Algerian government actively encourages students to pursue entrepreneurship, providing incubators and pledged assistance to support their business endeavors.

    While the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial journey can be comprehended through different lenses such as economics, psychology, sociology, and management, it is important to acknowledge that the multifaceted and ever-evolving nature of entrepreneurship defies simplistic explanations.

    In summary, the interconnected elements of the entrepreneur's personality, environment, and choices are essential to entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of learning from entrepreneurs' firsthand accounts.

    The primary aims of this course are to provide students with the necessary strategic knowledge and entrepreneurial abilities to generate ideas, validate them, initiate the launch, and effectively oversee the continuous development of a new startup venture, starting from the conceptualization phase to its practical implementation in the real world.

  • Course Information Sheet

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    Institution : Mohamed Boudiaf University- MSILA

    FacultyMathematics and Computer Science

    Department: Computer Science

    Target Audience: 3rd year Bachelor’s degree, specializing in Computer Systems (SI), Computer Science.

    Course Title:   Creating and Developing a Startup.

    Core Course Unit: Credit: 04 | Coefficients: 02

    Duration: 14 weeks

    Schedule: Tuesday: 14:00h - 15h30

    Teacher: Pr. Samir Akhrouf

    Email Contact: samir.akhrouf@univ-msila.dz

    AvailabilityAt the department: Monday, Thursday

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  • Course Objectives

    Potential learning objectives for our course :

    • Understand the process of ideating, validating, and launching a new business venture
    • Learn how to conduct market research and analyze industry trends to identify promising opportunities
    • Develop a business model and financial projections for a startup concept
    • Craft a competitive strategy and product development roadmap
    • Build skills in pitching a business idea to secure funding and attract talent
    • Learn how to legally structure and register a new company
    • Navigate regulatory requirements, intellectual property, and risk management
    • Acquire leadership and project management skills to guide a new venture
    • Understand how to foster a culture and build teams to grow a startup
    • Learn approaches for marketing, partnerships, and distribution channels 
    • Appreciate the importance of iteration, resilience, and adaptability in responding to challenges
    • Gain first-hand experience testing assumptions and positioning a real startup to launch

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  • Contents

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    Chapter I: Entrepreneurial Profile & Motivations

    Chapter II: From idea to market

    Chapter III: From market to growth

    Chapter IV: Administration and Management

    Evaluation: Final Exam  


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  • Chapter I: Entrepreneurial Profile & Motivations

    This chapter covers the following points:

    1.  Introduction

    2.  Creating a startup
    3.  The posture of the entrepreneur
    4.  How to find an idea
    5.  The startup ecosystem
    6.  Start alone or with others
    7.  Growth and sales Mistakes,
    8.  failures and best practices

  • Chapter II: From idea to market

    1. Customer development and product development
    2. The construction and formalization of an economic model
    3. The art of PITCH

  • Chapter III: From market to growth

    1. Growth hacking or the cult of growth
    2. Fundraising and valuation
    3. Crowdfunding: marketing and financial leverage

  • Chapter IV: Administration and Management

    1. The starter pack: Legal/Social / Tax / VAT Tools to manage.
    2. Develop and communicate about your activity Market access & sales, Business development, Web marketing
    1. Performance management.
    2. Strategic monitoring.

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